It improves our health and acts as prophylaxis against disease while it increases the body´s defensive energy. It promotes handling tension and mental blockage, elements that prevent us from leading a healthy life. It enhances a better understanding of the human body and nature.


(The ancient massage of traditional Chinese medicine)

The Chinese conception of life is intimately linked to their philosophy: for them, man is an inseparable part of Nature and between them there is a reciprocal action. They consider the human being as microcosmos within the universal macrocosm, governed by the same laws.

TUI NA is the traditional massage of Chinese Medicine, considered one of the oldest in the history of mankind, is based on the fact that everything that exists is immersed in the flow of energy.

Currently TUI NA is known as one of the most effective massages, giving excellent results in different pathologies: joint pains, sciatic nerve pain, low back pain, circulatory and respiratory deficiencies. Using it yields astounding results in the treatment of nervous system conditions such as stress, anxiety, nervousness and insomnia.

During the training you will be taught:

1. Location of energy points and meridians.

2. Techniques of energy mobilization (loading and unloading).

3. Work techniques; Specific and general.

4. Prevention of diseases by practicing energy balance exercises.

During the course will be provided the didactic material necessary for a better use of the practice.

To learn TUI NA does not require previous training, it can be used both by professionals of the body and health as well as by those who aspire to know the basis of their own health and how to achieve harmony and fullness.


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Selleng® Method

Reflexology is a natural therapy that stimulates the body to perform its own healing process. It does this through manual stimulation of the reflex zones of the feet and hands. These areas reflect both the organic, the psychic and the energetic aspect of the person; For this reason Reflexology is within the framework of the Holistic, understanding the human being as a unit of mind, body and spirit.

The feet not only tell about organic disorders but also the person as an integrated being in all its aspects. It is known as one of the techniques that greater relaxation produces since the feet have an important projection reflected in the cerebral cortex.

During the training you will see the following topics:

- Map of feet. Location of reflex areas.

-Specific work techniques for the different systems of the body.

- Relaxation techniques of Eastern and Western schools. Reading of feet.

- Development of the professional role.

- Holistic approach with massage resources Ayurveda (India) and traditional Chinese medicine.

Topics to be developed:

Relaxation techniques of oriental schools.

Relaxation techniques of western schools.

Feet map: osteo-artro-muscular system.

Feet map: respiratory and cardiovascular system.

Técnicas de trabajo para el sistema respiratorio y cardiovascular.

Mapa de pies – sistema endócrino y reproductor.

Work techniques for the respiratory and cardiovascular system.

Feet map: endocrine and reproductive system.

Working techniques for the endocrine and reproductive system.

Feet map: nervous system and sense organs.

Work techniques for the nervous system and sense organs.

Feet map: lymphatic and urinary system.

Work techniques for the lymphatic and urinary system.

Feet map: digestive system.

Working techniques for the digestive system.

Human anatomy and physiology.

The classes are organized in a practical and didactic way integrating exercises of corporal work and of self-knowledge.

After completing the course and after taking a theoretical and practical exam the student will obtain accreditation as Reflexologist.


Randolph Stone, an Austrian doctor, created this method of healing. The Polarity Therapy is the most complete within the methods of healing by the hands. It is based on Ayurvedic medicine, originally from India, and works with the balance and harmonization of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

Specific exercises, postures and manipulations will be taught for each of the five constitutive elements of Nature. These manipulations seek to restore the balance of the elements: Ether (spinal column, nervous system), Air (respiratory system, lungs), Fire (digestive system, stomach), Water (urinary system) and Earth (excretory system, large intestine). They will develop works of resonance and energy capture, channeling positive energy, prevention and energy transformation. Equilibrium and polarization of energy centers (chakras), meditation techniques, mental relaxation techniques and visualization; And anatomy and physiology will be studied.

Polarity Therapy is a therapeutic - holistic system that uses Western techniques (reflexology, osteopathy, nutrition) integrated with traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda of India, connecting with the knowledge of Egyptian hermetic. The professional Polarity therapist prepares theoretically and practically in massages, bioenergetics, yoga of polarity, meditation and self-knowledge. A session of Polarity about awakening, the connection with Being: the source of all well-being.

The training is organized in a practical and didactic way, in a climate of respect and joy; And can be performed by professionals of the body and health as well as by anyone who wants to deepen their self-knowledge. After completing the course and after taking a theoretical and practical exam, the student will obtain accreditation as a Polarity Therapist (not mandatory).


The Californian Massage was born in the 60's at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California; A place dedicated to the development of body techniques and self-knowledge. There the pioneers of different disciplines converged, who experimented with the sensibility gave form to the Californian Massage.

Its main characteristic is fluidity, which is transmitted through long and integrative movements.

The Californian Massage applies a system of activity to the bladder tissue structure of the body through a variety of movements performed using the hands, forearms, elbows and legs.

Using natural oils or creams nourishes the skin and facilitates the movement of the therapist and the fluidity of the massage.


It creates a deep sense of integrity.

Mobilizes soft tissue restoring flexibility.

It releases tensions in deep tissues.

Helps the recovery of injured areas.

Soothe the accumulated tensions.

It improves the functioning of the nervous system and the lymphatic system.

It benefits the emotional area.

The course will develop the basic techniques of the Californian Massage - pressures, stretching, support, elongations, long movements, kneading, deep tissue, among others - and the philosophical vision of work will be transmitted.


The Vibrational Massage Course with Tibetan Singing Bowls has a simple, deep and powerful content.

Its structure is suitable for beginners and advanced practitioners.

The purpose of the course is to open the heart through sound; Deepen our sensitivity and discover a wonderful tool that will facilitate our path of self-knowledge.

Vibrational Massage with Tibetan Bowls is a technique of natural harmonization that acts on all planes of the human being: the physical, the mental, the emotional and the spiritual.

The traditional Tibetan bowls used are handcrafted with an alloy of seven metals: gold, silver, mercury, copper, iron, tin and lead; Each metal is related to a celestial body; And each Tibetan bowl has a particular sound.

The vibration of the Tibetan Bowls penetrates deep into the body, generating a massage to cellular novel that stimulates the energy circulation and harmonizes.

Benefits of Tibetan Bowl Massage:

It allows to obtain relaxation and the reunion with the pleasure that pproporcionan the simple things. It acts as energy source for the whole body. It releases muscular tensions. It expands and intensifies the auric body, which acts as an energy defense. It increases the defenses of the organism and brings peace Tibetan Bowls work on the balance of both cerebral hemispheres, being ideal for very rational people or with mental stress.

The regular use of bowls helps personal reassurance and favors a better relationship with the environment. The sounds emanating from the wonderful Tibetan bowls are a great support for meditation as they stimulate alpha and beta brainwave activity . Tibetan bowls awaken the ability to give and receive.

Vibrational Massage with Tibetan Bowls acts as a source of energy for the whole body and is very effective in cases of stress, muscle aches, disorders of the nervous system and to accompany terminal processes.

It produces a deep cleansing at the cellular level releasing memories that, having been imprinted in our cells, induce us to repeat outdated patterns of behavior, harmful habits that can be replaced by healthy ones.

The training integrates four areas:

Tibetan Shamanic Healing, with the use of the ancient Tibetan bowls, tingshaws and gongs.

Oriental Massages, ancient resources based on the movement of energy through the hands.

Mantra Yoga, sacred sounds to find and maintain the balance.

Body Work, movements and energetic postures that are useful for the patient and the therapist.

The training in Massage with Tibetan Bowls is directed to body therapists, psychologists, kinesiologists, doctors, Reiki practitioners, Yoga teachers, masseurs, music therapists, musicians, meditation practitioners; And also to all those people who are committed to a healthy and happy life; And who use massage as a tool for self-knowledge.

It is not necessary to have previous knowledge or possess Tibetan bowls; The school will provide the necessary ones to carry out the course.