Our Principles

Our principles and philosophy

In the school model we consider health as the natural state of human been.

We recognize a capacity for well - being that is accessible regardless of the health - illness fluctuations experienced by body and mind. The different techniques we practiced and taught aim to connect with this inherent intelligence.

Throughout our experience, contact, breathing, movement, mental activity, diet, sounds we perceive, relationships, life experience, traumas and environmental factors determine the state of health. When energy is blocked by some imbalance in these factors, pain and disease arise. For this reason, our proposal is its exploration as a vehicle for natural healing.

School-based therapies seek to uncover these blocks and release energy, restoring normal flow patterns that keep the energy field open and flexible.

The school is at the service of those who wish to incorporate their hearts more intimately into their work and take responsibility for their health and life.

Curricula are stimulating, innovative and comprehensive. It´s transmitted in an environment of support in personal growth and recognition of the essentials of being.

The courses and workshops are offered to those who wish to receive professional training or to those who wish to go through this experience as part of their process of transformation, healing and self-recognition.

At this time the job opportunities for those who practice massage and natural healing approaches are increasing, as more people discover the value of bodily work for rehabilitation, emotional purification and maintenance of health.

The style of the school

Integrates sophisticated techniques of corporal work with a deep respect for the power of transformation of contact with love.

Our graduates find that their work is well received and their patients appreciate the spirit we cultivate and share:

• Make the contacts from a state of meditative stillness.

• Prepend conscious presence to technique..

• Develop intuitive perception and ability to pay attention.

• Work with humility and respect.

• With our programs you will have the opportunity to grow personally and professionally and become a skilled and compassionate therapist.

The school offers the possibility of planning a personalized learning program that meets your needs and requirements, combining different classes, workshops and seminars.

Regular courses last for four months (between 50 and 60 hours of class) and weekly classes run for 2.5 and 3 hours, depending on the course. Intensive weekend seminars are also offered.

The format of the classes is based on the corresponding theoretical development, followed by demonstrations of the instructor, individual guided practice and practice sessions (giving and receiving massages); In this way, you will acquire the knowledge, skills and experience necessary to work in an integrated, effective, sensitive and professional manner.

The main areas of healing contact that are taught and practiced are:


• TUI-NA (Chinese massage)