It improves our health and acts as prophylaxis against disease while it increases the body´s defensive energy. It promotes handling tension and mental blockage, elements that prevent us from leading a healthy life. It enhances a better understanding of the human body and nature.


(Chinese massage)

Tui Na was created approximately 5.000 years ago. It is the oldest form of massage and therefore all other sorts derive from it. Ancient Chinese Emperors would receive a massage everyday, their secret for a healthy and longevous life. Currently it is administered as a therapy at hospitals of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

This technique consist of a great variety of tapping, pressure, percussion and stretching movements, focusing on the energy meridians that cover the whole body.

If regularly used it promotes lightness, flexibility and relaxation, all of which help achieve a state of peace of mind and harmony.

Tui Na stimulates the inmune system and helps eliminate toxins. It is perfect for relieving all kinds of pain, since it works at the sinewy-muscular level. It soothes sciatica and low back pain. It also normalizes the nervous and glandular system. It eliminates joint tension and pain caused by awkward positions. It increases vitality and energetic metabolic activity. It improves circulatory and respiratory deficiencies.

Tui Na results are amazing when nervous system disorders such as stress, anxiety, nervousness and insomnia are treated.

Tui Na provides the body and muscles with strength and it is effective for athletes as well as for elderly people.

The client receives the session on a massage table, with naked body or dressed in comfortable cotton clothes (according to his / her preference).

The session lasts 60 minutes.


Selleng Method

Reflexology is a natural therapy that stimulates us to get involved in our own healing process. It is a very ancient technique that applies different modalities of pressure on reflex areas: feet, hands and head, areas that represent all our body.These areas show the organic as well as the energetic aspect.

The Selleng Method®, a synthesis of the most effective techniques from the East and West, places Reflexology within the Holism frame, since it believes that the human body is the unity of mind, body and spirit.

Benefits of Reflexology

- It relieves stress, anxiety, nervousness, insomnia, back pain, swollen ankles, tired legs and aching hands and feet.

- It improves the general circulation of blood because it simulated venous return.

- It prevents the appearance of varicose veins.

- It regulates the digestive and urinary system.

- It stimulates a good oxygenation and releases tension in the breast area.

- It is a tool that helps us know ourselves and effectively release stored emotions


This massage was born in the 60s, in Big Sur, California, a place committed to the development of different body techniques. Pioneers from various disciplines got together there. They created this modality of massage experimenting with the senses.

Its main characteristic is fluidity, transmitted through long, flowing and circular movements. It applies an activity system to the soft tissue structure of the body through a wide range of movements carried out with the hands, forearms, elbows and legs; and using natural oils that nourish the skin and promote movement and flow.

Benefits of Californian Massage

- It gives a deep sensation of unity.

- It provides soft tissues with greater movement and flexibility.

- It releases tension in the deep tissues. It helps heal injured areas.

- It relieves accumulated tension.

- It regulates the nervous and lymphatic system.

- It is also beneficial at the emotional level.

We very often adopt positions that are connected to a feeling that conditions our movements. Massage makes our movements flow, thus providing us with a new different perception of life.


Polarity is a therapeutic holistic system aimed at balancing the human energy field. It gathers knowledge of the traditional Eastern and western medicine. It believes that mental illness as well as physical diseases are a result of blockages of our own vital energy. Therapeutic healing action depends on vital energy flowing free.

Symptoms for energy blockages are inflammation, ache and pain. When blockages are released the physical structure works at its optimal level.

The approach chosen for this therapy is the comprehensive treatment of the human being. It stimulates the energy flow through strokes and exact touches on the energy meridians. It uses positions from polarity Yoga in order to maintain flexibility of the mind and body. It states that being sick is being away from ourselves. It encourages us to work to know ourselves, since the aim of this therapy is to follow the progressive internal changes that will lead to a grater personal awareness, health and emotional balance.


Vibrational Massage is a technique of natural harmonization that works at the physical, as well as at the emotional, mental and spiritual level. The traditional Tibetan music instruments used are handicraft made with a seven metal alloy (gold, silver, mercury, copper, iron, tin and lead), each of them related to a celestial body. They have a distinctive sound, depending on the singing bowl. The vibration they emit enters de body, generating a molecular massage that helps release energy and provides the being with harmony.

Vibrational Massage promotes relaxation and the encounter with the pleasure that simple things provide. It works as a source of energy for the whole body. It relieves and releases muscular tension. It spreads and intensifies the auric body that acts as an energy defense. It increases the body defenses in general and gives peace of mind. Vibrational Massage works on the balance of both brain hemispheres. It is therefore ideal for very rational or mentally stressed up people. If regularly used it increases our personal awareness and promotes a better relationship with our environment. The sounds flowing from this wonderful instruments greatly stimulate the activity of the alpha and beta brainwaves and stir the capacity to give and receive.

You can choose between:

- General Session of Energy Equilibrium

- Chakra Balancing Session

Both have a duration of 60 minutes.